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The portions on any of the 5 ingredients in this recipe can vary according to the cook's personal preference with no harm to the recipe. It all depends on which flavor you want to emphasize.


ground turkey
ground beef (with some fat) minced
fresh garlic minced
fresh ginger
soy sauce


Mix all ingredients together Feel free to add more of any at any time for ex: if you want a less fat burger you may mix the proportion 3/4 turkey to 1/4 beef, if not then go with a 50:50 proportion for the meats. Anything works, also with the spices. Grill over hot coals for best results


It also serves well on a specialty bun- grilled. For example: whole wheat or dark rye. And you can add any fresh sliced vegetable contiment you may prefer: tomatoes, red onions, etc. But they also are delicious just plain-no ketchup needed. Enjoy