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Georgia Peach

Georgia is the Peach State, its where i live and i think this takes all the essence of Georgia and the south and puts in a burger.


Corn bread buns
Ground Beef
Salt and Pepper
Pulled pork
Barbecue Sauce
Peach Jam
fried onions
fried pickles
fried Cheese
fried green tomatoes


form the beef patties into 1/3 lb patties through mixing with salt and pepper and egg yolk.
Baked cornbread muffins in grill
reheat pulled pork
fry onions, pickles and green tomatoes and Cheese
smother the base of the corn bread bun with peach jam
add the beef patty
Place the fried cheese and vegetables on the patty
layer on some pulled pork and add a dollop of smoky barbecue sauce


This is the ultimate southern meal in a bun - a burger with southern comfort and no alchohol in sight!!!!