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french burger

easy everyday ingredients we all have on hand .this recipe helps me as im in my studio oil painting most every day and need the convince and good eats for dinner I hope you love this as my family dose. thank you Vivian


garlic butter
1/4 lb butter or 1 stick at room temp.
4 cloves fresh garlic minced fine
table spoon kosher salt
1 round loaf sour dough bread sliced
2 lbs regular ground beef divide into 6 portions
salt and pepper 
kosher dill halves sliced thin ½ pickle per pattie
12 oz of cheddar cheese 2 oz per pattie


GARLIC BUTTER cream butter with minced garlic and 1 tablespoon kosher salt BREAD spread butter mixture on 6 large slices , one side only ,of sour dough bread and toast till melted do not burn toast.. cut bread in ½ . these are now your buns for the burgers set aside PATTIES divide hamburger into 6 patties and flatten thin .on last turn when cooking pepper to taste. place 2 oz of grated cheese on top of each Pattie and melt. top with thin slices of kosher dill pickle ½ pickle sliced very thin per pattie sandwich between garlic bread serve


this is rich and tasty combination of flavors i know you will all enjoy I use claussen pickles as I find there flavor the best for what Im after thank you vivian