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Falcon Burger

We love this burger, my husband mixed this burger at work (tri-city meats). He wanted a kobe burger that wasn't so dry so he mixed the ground chuck into the kobe and it is awesome. It is slightly fragile and very juicy but if handled properly it is the best burger we've ever eaten. Once you try it you are hooked and no other will do!!


2 lb grnd chuck / amer.kobe burger 50/50
6 lightly toasted bun
6 extra sharp white cheese slices
6 tomato slices
6 bermuda onion slices
6 T sweet pickle relish
green leaf lettuce
6 t sutter home cabernet wine
6 t worchestershire sauce
6 t grey poupon mustard


lightly knead ground meats together, roll into 6 equal balls & lightly press out patties, place on clean oiled grill (preferably on griddle to prevent flare ups and obtain max flavor, med high temp, grill till deep brown aprx 3-4 min, turn only once and grill till 160 degrees. just prior to taking off grill splash with mixture of sutter home cab, grey poupon, & worchestershire sauce, salt and pepper. place cheese on top of burger close bbq lid for 1 min. place on rack to rest 1 min while bun is toasting. place relish on bottom bun, followed by burmuda onion, hamb patty w/ cheese, tomato, lettuce topped with toasted top bun. Enjoy!


You might want to wear a bib since this is the juciest burger ever.... I place a napkin on my plate and rest my burger sideways to catch the juice!