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Fajita Burgers

In New Mexico we love EVERYTHING with chili, and our burgers are no exception. My family also loves fajitas and challenged me years ago to create a fajita burger, and so I did. And the rest is "summer holiday and fun" history. Although we make different kinds of burgers, fajita burgers remain our all time favorite.


This recipe makes 4 quarter-pound burgers. 
-- 1 pound ground beef (I prefer ground round/chuck, but truthfully, any kind can be used)
-- 1/2 cup of chopped onion
-- 1/4 cup of chopped sweet pepper (yellow, orange, red or even green will do)
-- 1/2 tsp. garlic salt
-- 1/2 tsp. onion salt
-- 1/4 cup of tomato catsup
-- 4 tsp. ground, red chili powder (mild or hot, it doesn't matter)
-- 1/3 cup of lime or lemon juice
-- 4 slices of cheddar or monteray jack cheese
-- 4 sturdy rolls or buns
Optional: -- fresh avocado
-- lettuce
-- sliced tomatoes
-- sliced raw or carmelized onions


1. Mix together well the beef, chopped onion and sweet pepper, salts, catsup and half, or 2 tsp. of the red chili power. 2. Shape into 4 thick patties. 3. Cook thoroughly until the juices are brown. NOTE: The burgers can be broiled or fried inside or grilled outside on the gas/coal barbeque. But, from my own experience, step #4 is best completed in a hot frying pan on a stove. 4. Put the cooked burger patties in a hot frying pan and immediately sprinkle the remaining 2 tsp. of red chili power on the burgers and the lime/lemon juice. Allow it to sizzle briefly (approx. 30-45 seconds) on both sides. Top each pattie with a slice of cheese and allow it to slightly melt. 5. Put each burger in a bun and add condiments and toppings as desired. We like to top ours with mashed, fresh avocado, tomato slices, carmelized onions and lettuce. EAT AND ENJOY!!


These burgers are extremely filling, so we generally limit our side dishes to tortilla chips and dip (guacamole, bean or chili con queso) and a large glass of red wine. A side dish of pinto beans with green chili sauce is also great with these burgers.