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If my kids eat it... it has to be good!


1 lb ground beef
1 cup bread cubes
2 eggs
1 large onion (chopped)
1 18 oz bottle BBQ Sauce
Salt and pepper to taste
buns (optional)


Reserve half of the BBQ sauce Mix all other ingredients in large bowl kneading with hands (Yep ya have to put yer hands in it... a spoon won't do) until mixed well. Form patties (makes 4-6 burgers) Grill on charcoal until almost done. Dip burgers in remaining BBQ sauce and grill 3 minutes longer on each side. Serve on buns with your favorite toppings and/or condiments


This recipe can be modified to fit a variety of lifestyles. Low Fat? Substitute Ground Turkey for Beef and remove yolks from eggs. Low Carb? Substitute Grated cheese for bread crumbs, use Carbwell BBQ sauce and omit bun.