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Dog-gone Good Burger

My recipe happened accidentally. I had invited a few friends over to try the different burgers I was creating for your contest. I had prepared 8 other burgers. It just so happened I had a few leftover beef hotdogs sitting on the stove. I didn't want them to go to waste so ground them up with pickles and onion and added them to my hamburger to make my 9th recipe. All 9 of my different burgers were grilled, then sampled by my friends. Hands down, EVERYONE picked my " 9th mystery burger. My friends kept "grilling" me to find out what was in it. So I decided to submit this "hotdog" burger to you. It is surprisingly easy and TASTY! Now when you grill out you don't need to worry about how many hotdogs or hamburgers to grill...


2 pounds ground sirloin
6 regular BEEF hotdogs
18 sweet MIDGET pickles
1 medium onion
6 plain hamburger buns (any brand)


1. In a large glass bowl place 2 pounds of ground sirloin. 2. Food process the 6 beef hotdogs until finely ground. 3. Put the hotdogs in the bowl with the beef. (do NOT mix yet) 4.Food process the pickles and onion till finely minced. 5. Put the pickles and onion in a colander and press with a paper towel to remove excess juice. 6. Add pickles and onion to the bowl with the hotdogs and beef. 7. Mix together well. 8. Form into 6 patties. 9. Heat a gas grill on high 5 minutes. 10. Turn heat to low, place patties on grill and grill 10 minutes on each side. Burgers should be done and not red in the middle. Cook less time for a rarer burger if preferred. 11. Place each hamburger pattie on a bun. 12. These simple but tasty burgers are ready to eat. note: any condiment of choice can be added but is NOT NECESSARY for this Dog-gone GOOD burger!!!