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Dad Hopps Hamburger

At age 33 I still remember my father firing up the charcoal grill. The first buger of the summer always was the best. There were a few winters that we would beg my dad to fire up the grill. Dad always said "its beef with a kick". Not only did my dad make a great buger but cooking at the grill was a party. The friends always were around to enjoy Hopps burgers. My Father loves garlic. He grows garlic and everything he makes has garlic in the recipe. This summer we are having a 40th annivery party for my parents and on the menu is a good old fashioned barbaque with bugers being the main dish. I hope you enjoy my burger. Our family loves bugers my father would eat the burger every day, if my mother would let him.


1 lb of ground beef
10 ritz crackers
1 egg
1 Clove garlic
1 Small onion
cracked pepper
4 oz sharp cheddar chesse
Sliced Tomatoes
sliced red onions
Sliced pickles
Roman leaf lettuce
Yellow mustard


Start with beef, crush ritz crackers and mix with beef. Mix in 1 egg. Crush garlic clove and and to mixture. Chop onion into very small pieces and add to mixture. Add a dash of salt and cracked pepper. Grate 4 oz of cheddar chesse and add to mixture. FORM INTO 4 PATTIES GRILL ON A CHARCOAL GRILL, YOU MUST ADD SOME CEDAR CHIP TO THE CHARCOAL. COOK AS DISIRED ONCE COOKED PLACE ON A ROLL. ADD SOME PICKLES, LETTUCE, TOMATOES AND MORE RAW ONIONS!!! Don't forget the mustard.


Sit back and enjoy the Hopps burger!! We will be this summer!!!!