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Chili Cheese Fry Burger

The chili cheese fry burger combines two great all American classics into one great burger. What goes better together than a hamburger and fries?


1 pkg. 32oz seasoned french fries (can be found in the frozen section of the local supermaket)
3 lbs. 80/20 ground chuck
1 15oz. can  chili
1 tsp.chili powder
Whole wheat hambuger buns
8 oz. Grated cheddar cheese


preheat grill and wrap seasoned fries in aluminum foil. Place fries on the top rack of grill to cook. Press the beef into half pound patties and place on grill over medium heat. Cook 12 to 18 minutes to desired temperature. While meat is cooking open the can of chili and remove label. Add chili powder to can for extra kick and place on grill over medium heat. When patties have reached desired temperature remove from grill and place in bun. Top burger with chili, fries and cheddar cheese. Serve with a tall beverage of choice and you have a full meal in one burger.