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Burger Meister

I wanted to keep it simple and tasty. I wanted an all-American hamburger that was easy to create, a burger that tasted like no other but kept you guessing as to why it tasted so good every bite-through. More importantly, I did not want to create a gourmet burger that took too long to prepare or had too many steps to put together - especially, when you were hungry like yesterday. The burger had to have its' own unique class but yet not be complicated while still praising its simple ingredients. A new burger has come to town- " all hail the Burger Meister ".


Charcoals and grill
1/2 oz butter
English Muffin -1 ea.(Supersize)
1 lg slice red onion (thinly sliced)
2 oz shredded iceberg lettuce
3 slices med vine-ripe tomato
1 oz alfalfa
8 oz sirloin hamburg (10% fat)1" burger
1 3/4 oz slice cheese
1 3/4 oz slice smoked gruyere
2 tbsp Bacon Thousand Island Dressing
2 heaping tbsp Bac'n Pieces Chips


1. Heat grill or start charcoals -searing heat preferred. 2. Melt butter in small pan - put aside with pastry brush. 3. Cut English Muffin in 1/2 - put aside 4. Prepare onion, lettuce, alfafa, and tomatoes - put aside. 5. Grill Hamburger to desired doneness (medium as default) while.... 6. Grilling english muffin in either a saute pan or on grill. Brush with butter - cook the outer side lightly with a minimal brush of butter, and cook the split open-side with full brush of butter - cook till light golden brown. Finished product should be light brown and slightly crispy - place on plate . Muffin will be done before the burger. 7. While hamburgers are finishing, put together the roll set-up. On one side place thousand island dressing, bacon chips, and alfalfa (top side). On other half of muffin - place and spread onions, lettuce, and tomatoes (in that order (bottom side). 8. Add both slices of cheese to the almost done burger - allow cheeses to melt with cover of grill on for a couple of minutes. Burgers juices oozings should be slightly red. 9. Remove burger from Grill and place and place on bottom side- apply top of the roll set-up & Enjoy!