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Bleu Cheese Explosion

Bleu cheese Burgers, YUM These burgers will leave you a satisfied mess...


1 pound 85% ground beef
seasoned salt
black pepper
worcestire sauce
portabello mushrooms
chunk bleu cheese
bleu cheese dressing
swiss cheese


Mix ground beef with a tablespoon of worcestire sauce, a tsp. of seasoned salt and 1/2 tsp ground black pepper. Slice and saute mushrooms in seasoned salt, black pepper. When mushrooms start to stick to pan and brown, add a splash of worcestire sauce to deglaze the pan. Form 3 burgers, wrapping the beef around chunks of bleu cheese, approx 2 tsp per burger. Cook the burgers on a grill to med-rare, cover with sauteed mushrooms and melt swiss cheese on top. Place on toasted buns, cover with bleu cheese dressing, ketchup if desired, and ENJOY!!!


I started eating burgers with bleu cheese dressing on them as a college student. the dressing and ketchup would ooze out over the sides and it brings back such wonderful memories...I felt I had to share them!