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Black Angus Special

This is the sweetest, juciest burger you will ever taste. No need to add condiments like ketchup which will violate this burger experience.


3 pounds of 85% lean Black Angus ground beef
2 Large Vidalia sweet onions
4 tablespoons of steak sauce 
1 small can of stem and pieces mushrooms
fresh ground pepper to taste
salt to taste when finished grilling-not during blending


Cut onions in quarters, remove ends, saute in a quarter pound of BUTTER while carefully breaking onion apart with spatula. Cook until barely limp-not transparent-do not drain-set aside to cool. Put ground beef in container-add steak sauce and blend in well with hands. Add fresh ground pepper to taste (no salt). Fold in cooled onions and mushrooms until well mixed. Make 6 burgers-about 1 1/2 inches thick by hand. Grill as appropriate to medium. Use fresh onion roll-salt to taste.


A delicious-juice running down your chin- burger experience. Easy and inexpensive.