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Big John

The burger originated from a family fajita recipe. Our family has used the recipe on fajitas for years and I love to try old flavors in new ways so I applied it to a gourmet burger and the rest is history!


6 thin sliced ribeye steaks
16 oz. Italian dressing
8 oz. Soy sauce
3 avocadoes
1- large onion
1-large green pepper
8 oz. sour cream
Mild salsa
6-Kaiser rolls
3-oz. olive oil
6 oz. Pepperjack cheese


Take steaks and cut into 1 inch strips. Make marinade by combining Italian dressing and soy sauce and submerge steak strips. Let marinate one hour. Cut avocados in half and remove skin, slice into 1/4" thick pieces long ways and refrigerate. Slice onions and peppers into thin strips and place into foil and add 1/2 cup of marinade to onion and pepper mixture and set aside. Take sour cream and mild salsa and combine and stir, cover and refrigerate. Take Kaiser rolls and cut in half and brush inside with olive oil. After the maranation is complete remove steak and process in food processor until ground and form patties five inches round and 1" thick. On preheated grill place burgers on for 10 minutes on each side for medium-well. While cooking burgers place foil package of onions and peppers on grill also for the duration of the burger cooking. In the last few minutes place rolls oil side down and toast. For plating spread sour cream and salsa mixture on bottom part of bun then place burger on top of spread then put slice of pepper jack cheese on top of burger. After this place sliced avocado on top of cheese and peppers and onions on top of avocado. Place top portion of bun on top of peppers and onions and prepare to open wide and taste Big John


This will be a great burger eating experience without a doubt! By only marinating for one hour the beef rings through with just a hint of fajita flavor and the freshness of the avocados make this a fresh and light yet all out meat eating experience!!!