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Ben Franklin Burger

Ben Franklin Burger – “all the way, with slaw”

Background: This burger is prepared to celebrate the taste remembered from a locals favorite hot-dog joint in Virginia Beach, Ben Franks. When in the Air Force in the early 80’


Cole Slaw:
1- Bag Cole-Slaw Cabbage (store bought, 1 lb bag, typically with carrots)
¼ Cup Onion, thin sliced
¼ Cup Kosher Dill Pickle, shredded
1 – Jalapeno, shredded/seeded
Slaw Dressing:
½ Cup Sugar
1 tsp Sa


Cole Slaw: Prepare slaw 1st so it can develop and cool while the burger cooks.

Warm the dressing in a small sauce pan on the grill until sugar dissolves

Pour over vegetables

Toss well, chill.

The flavors will develop in the cabbage


This is not as complicated as it may seem. There are a lot of ingredients, but many are "multi-taskers" -- enjoy.