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BCT Cheddar Ranch

Our family favorite sandwich is a BET (Bacon Egg Tomatoes) but for supper we love to think of different burgers to grill so we a family night burger and each time a different family member gets to come up with a new ingredients for their burger and this is the one that we have grown to love. Everyone has put little of themselves in this burger I love burgers and onions dad loves Bacon Anika loves tomatoes Carrington loves cheddar Emmerson loves Coleslaw and Kennedy loves Ranch Dressing.


2 lb Beef
1 lb Chopped raw bacon
one small red onion diced
8 oz shredded cheese
1 egg
half a packet of Ranch seasoning
10 slices of cheese
10 Buns
sliced tomatoes
Ranch Dressing


Mix the burger, onion, bacon, ranch seasoning,shredded cheeseand egg. Make into about 10-12 patties. Place on grill and cook till well done(if you want med to med well you must cook the Bacon before hand).Cover with sliced cheese. Cook till cheese is melted place on your favorite toasted bun. Top with coleslaw, tomatoes and ranch dressing.


I use pre sliced cabbage and a pre made coleslaw dressing. Make while burgers are on grill. That way it is still crunchy but you may buy premade coleslaw.