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Bacon cheese burger

My burger recipe come from different people in my family an I use some of everyones recipes. It taste great at least we think it does. and it is simple to make and low in choesterol. which is very important these days .


1 to 2 pound of bacon deer meat.
This is made by grainding up deer meat an smoke bacon.
Hickery taste the best.
1 head of lettuce
2 tomatoes
1 onion sliced Pickles op.
hamburger buns


Make hamburger patties. place in heated skite or on grill. if you use a skillet be sure to use some oil or non stick spray. deer meat has very lettle fat. cook intill done . about 2 mintues to each side. according to how well you like your meat done. Just before removeing meat from grill or skillet place cheese on meat with onions. cook intill cheese mealts. remove meat from grill or skillet an place on warmed bun. Use mayo and mustared if desidred. Place 1 or two pieces of lettce on top of meat pattie. Then add a slice of tamatoe on top of lettue. then place top bun over tomatoe. while meat is cooking tear lettuce an slice tomatoe. this is what we in the south call a deer burger.