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Awesome burger

The awesome burger was created by me.I got tired of eating the plain old hamburger,tasteless and boring so I came up with this idea to spice it up,not alot but just enough to savor thr flavor.


3 pounds of hamburger meat
2.1 pinch of paparika
3.3 teaspoons full of sutter home red wine
4.1 pich of salt
5.1 whole chopped white onion 
2 teaspoons of worchstershire sauce


Take your ground beef and place it in a big mixing bowl.Add 1 Pinch of salt. 2.1pinch of papricka 3.2 teaspoons of worchstershire sauce 4.3 Teaspoons full of sutter homes red wine. 1 whole chopped onion. Combine all ingredients together. Place in the refrigerator for approximately 45 minutes letting all the spices settle into the meat. Then remove the meat and make into patties about the size of your hand or larger depending on what size you want. Take a large frying pan.Turn the stoves temperature to medium and fry.Fry for about 20 minutes 3 or more at once and serve with your favorite condiments on whote or whole wheat buns.


This recipe is a very good one that I made up in my own kitchen.This recipe gives hamburgers a great taste that is not to spicy but not to bland.If this recipe is cooked right it is extremly good.I have been using this particular recipe for about a year now.Everyone loves it.I am hoping in the near future to enter a culinary school.Cooking is a gift that I feel God has given me and it would give me grat pleasure to share this gift with the world.