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Asian/Thai Style Chicken Burgers

Hi, my name is Angela M. Dellutri. I'm a home cook who has taken several cooking classes since I lost my corporate job about 8 months ago. I am always trying to find new recipes to make a meal more interesting. This is a recipe that I created and my family loves. I was looking for an alternate to a Beef Meatloaf. As I started to make a Chicken Meatloaf (tired of Ground Turkey), my son said he would rather have hamburgers. We like bold flavors, so I thought I would try adding the Peanut Sauce. It worked and the Asian/Thai Style Chicken Burger was born. Served on a Potato Sandwich Hamburger Bun, some sauteed red onions and Dijonaise, it really balances the flavors. I have plenty of other recipes and have been asked by friends to open a catering business.


2 lb. Ground Chicken Breast
1 cup Breadcrumbs
Peanut Sauce
1 Red Onion – (small to medium) finely diced
1 Green Pepper (small to medium) – finely diced
3 Scallions (white part only) – finely diced
1 Tblsp Dried Parsley – Crushed between fingers
2 small pinches Ground Cayenne Pepper

Salt and Freshly Ground Pepper to taste Additional Peanut Sauce for basting burgers


Mix first 10 ingredients thoroughly. Form into large size hamburgers. Spray a pan with a cooking spray. Fry burgers. Sprinkle with a little Kosher Salt, Freshly Ground Pepper and a little Garlic Powder on one side. On the last turn of the burger to finish frying, baste with additional Bangkok Peanut Sauce. Best served on a Potato Hamburger Sandwich Bun with sautéed red onions and Dijonaise. Note: We have also used Golden Egg Hamburger Sandwich Buns. Large Hamburgers - Serves 8 Medium Hamburgers – Serves 10


This is my own recipe. I've been making these for about a year. My family loves them and friends want me to go into business which I would do with the prize money. I have additional recipes and I just started the French Pastry School in Chicago.