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Amerasian burger

This burger combines the great american backyard burger with the flare of asia. There are a thousand different places to buy the same old taste burger, but this unique taste will have them standing in line for more.


Two pounds fresh ground beef
1/2 cup kikoman soy sauce
2 - 12 ounce cans of asian bean sprouts
2 cloves garlic minced
3 green onions chopped fine
1/2 teaspoon fresh ground pepper
burger buns


Combine ground beef with soy sauce and mix well.
Open and drain bean sprouts.
Add bean sprouts, garlic and green onions to the beef.
Add pepper.
Mix all ingredients well.
Proportion meat into desired patty size.
On the grill or in the skillet, cook patties over medium heat or fire. Cook about five minutes on each side or until juice runs clear. This is for burgers at 1/4 pound size. Larger patties may take a little longer. Remove from skillet or grill and serve on buns.


You may add cheese, tomatoe, or any desired condiments. Dress it up any way you like. Either way, you are going to say WOW! Serve with chips and table wine of choice.