Wine + Chocolate = Perfection!

| Posted by Megan for Sutter Home

There isn’t a better pairing than wine and chocolate! Check out our new site to find everything you need to know about the two including, wine and chocolate 101, the best way to pair them, and tips on how to throw an amazing wine and chocolate party. You can also take the quiz to find out what wine and chocolate personality fits you!

We also wanted to kick of the holiday season right, which is why we have our Crave Weekly Sweepstakes running right now! Go to our Facebook page and enter for a chance to win great prizes throughout the entire month of December!


Submitted by Janett Jacobsen on

Wine + Chocolate = Perfection for a party!

Submitted by Monica Newcost on

Sutter is by far the BEST !!!

Submitted by Christine York on

I nice Red Wine!!!!!

Submitted by Janett Jacobsen on

Love Sutter Home & Chocolate, sounds like a praty to me!!

Submitted by mike campbell on

can not be with out sutter homes. when you ivite freinds for dinner

Submitted by Anita Ford on

Chocoholic and a good glass of wine!

It sounds like a perfect combination for relaxation!!!

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