List of Honor: Part 2

| Posted by Megan for Sutter Home

Thank you to those who submitted names to our list of honor.  As we read through the comments we were overcome with emotion by the number of names submitted, and touched by the amazing tributes and stories of survival you all shared.  We began our fight against breast cancer 10 years ago when one of our owners, Vera, was diagnosed and we continue it today for the women and men whose names are on this list.  Today we honor them.

List of Honor: Part 2

Caron Scheinfeld, Sherry Weber, Darlene Morris, Karen Sargent Price, Claudia B. Walker, Monna Kay Canfield Hawkinberry, Jan Seeck Gerakaris, Joan Seeck Tures, Wendy Orland Mars, Mary Jane Feltes Murphy, Melba, Barbara J. Jaquet, Kendra Miller, Helen Smythers, Michele Farris, Carol Agresti, Judy Bayes, Namonia, Emily Santos, Lisa Metcalf Atkison, Ruth Lewellen, Pamerla Footen, Ronni Bingham, Virginia Judah, Shirley Campbell, Leann Bednar, Martina Jeanne Dearrington, Kelly Garrett, Kelly Gatling, Louellen Chesser, Eva Crosby, Virginia Hays Condit, Beverly Slater, Esmeralda Gomez, Barbara Chalberg, Susan Branham, Kathy Burns, Lydia A. Rodriguez, Mary M. Acosta, Shirley Little, Jenny Bryson, MeeMee Smith, Debbie Cartner, Loretta Silva, Rose Antonio Cicalese, Marion Adams, Diane Clare, Beth Palacio, Jean Mayers-Stevens, Rita, Annie Ruth Webber, Andrea Toms, Gloria Schneider, Matilde Rivera Rodriguez, Geraldine Middlebrook, Paula Lefere, Judy Webber Wylie, Dorothy Shelton, Dianna Etheridge, Dr. Elizabeth McCuin, Laurie Severns Freed, June Hernandez, Lynda Filiere, Mary Nash, Sandy Laubscher, Bonnie Seymour, Judy Trapanese, Debbie Blackwell, Bonnie Brown Seymour, Diane, Donna Shinpaugh, Raylene Dubois, Lisa Swinney, Shannon Compton Sparr, Vivianna Alires, Lynneece Welke, Mary DeVore Fisher, Joyce Reyes Segal, Patt, Jan, Trudy Abad, Marion Garner, Genie Smith, Dianne Rohald, Nancy Hill, Anita Lipson, Kathy DePasquale, Toni Sickles, Shirley Smith, Alohna S., Susan Franks, Rochelle Houska, Tori Kellner, Lupe Mendez , Judy Benn, Barbara Goble, Ruby Miller Horne, Mary Northcutt, Floye Kyle, Andrea Lee Stewart, Bonita Stokes, Leslie McNair, Jeweline Foster, Beverly Oliver, Myrna Hunter, Amy Abdai, Anna Garcia, Betty Aris, Carmen Tremberth, Guadalupe Prado, Lisa Cotton, Brenda Kirby, Marilyn Ruf, Betsy Reynolds, Denise Sherkness, Maureen Davis Murphy, Virginia Cole, Patricia Montgomery, Evelyn Knox, Carolyn Fulk, Rebecca Benton, Marjorie Turman, Nan Walker, Leisel Cramer, Kathleen Lince, Evelyn Klingman, Lisa Metcalf Atkinson, Margie Smith, Lola . Summers, Roni Toney-Kellum, Shelia Ross, Dawn Marlow, Betty Esparza, Aurora Romero, Debbie Lafferty, Haven Lynne, Renae Smith, Carole Resnick, Savina Guardado, Annie Mae Parker, Joanne Cramer, Beth Messina, Barbara Maynard, Grace Blackmore, Janet Crawford Jarbin, Roz Pfefferle, Cathy Harrington Chaves, Patricia Fahey, Harriet Goodrich, Gay Wood Haase, Lori Hicks, Melanie Wilson, Helen Izak Ewasko, Colleen Coughlin Newhard, Bessie “Sal” Campbell, Kathryn Reeves Schloer, Mae Engholm, Leslie Engholm Perez, Rhoads, Merri Melkowski, Virginia Whitfield, Adelaide Zentner, Pauline Mazzocca, Lena Sloan, Pam Whittemore, Jeena Christopherson, Debra Rauh, Rita Hanley, Etter Elliott, Marie Kelly, Dina Joyce, Debbie Young, Lynda Hacker, Cindi Jones, Kathy Lince, Cinde Butcher, Rose Small, Jane Basteki, Carrie Hawkins Burks, Alsene Burks Lyles, Mary Holzworth, Roxanne Johnson, Cindy Chatelain, Lori May Marlin, Joi Stroud, Elizabeth Carr


Submitted by Dianne Hughes on

I have just been reading over all the names on the honor list, wow so many people. But i myself is a survivor for a year. The last year of my life has been the worst. But i did not let it get me down, i kept the faith and i made it through with the best kids and friends and family! So i support anyone going through breast cancer and i know how difficult it can be, so keep the faith and god will do the rest!

Thank you,
Dianne Hughes

Submitted by Nancy Altmannsberger on

It was an extraordinary fight for me 15 years ago.

Submitted by Denise S on

Kathy Waggoner, Mary Traufler, Evelyn Ward,

Submitted by Cheryl Mashburn on

I want to add names but not sure how.Dixis Hudson,Gracie Hudson,Suzanne Hudson Connor,Vickey Rhodes...

Submitted by Yolandra Jackson on

I have a list of names of close friends that are survivors of 23 years Gwen DeBoise, Lena Yung, Lois McCarthan, FirbyO'Quinn, Rhea Rogers. I have a list will update.

Submitted by Nancy Wing on

I was just diagnosed 3 weeks ago with breast cancer. Never knew 3 weeks ago how much my life would be turned upside down.

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