End of Summer Sweepstakes!

| Posted by Megan for Sutter Home

If you're like us, you know that summer doesn't end just because it's Labor Day. We want to continue the summer celebration by serving up some recipes & entertaining ideas!

Set the Stage
Use potted herbs as centerpieces instead of flowers. They complement your meal and add a touch of earthiness to your table.

Check out more of these great party ideas on Cooking Light's website.

Keep Celebrating!

To make the end of summer even sweeter, we're hosting a weekly sweepstakes on our Facebook page! Visit our page each week for a chance to win cool prizes.

Cheers to continuing the celebration!


Submitted by Laura on

Chillaxin' with my glass of white zinfandel.

Submitted by kathy mirabile on

My family and I love your Moscato with my grilled salmon!

Love sitting outside on a cool summer evening with a nice glass of wine

Submitted by Paula on

I love sweet wines, your wine is great, love to make spritzers with diet soda and your wine. All are great keep up the good wine making. Thanks

Submitted by Missy on

Hi! Have you notified the BBB finalists yet?

Submitted by Kim Kloc on

Me and my husband drink a bottle of your Moscato at least once a week out on our deck.

Submitted by Heather Dreith on

My husband and I have recently started having a glass of red wine every evening. We enjoy your 4/187 ml bottles of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. They are just the right size, the caps are so convenient, the price is very reasonable, and best of all, the wine tastes great! Keep up the good work.

Submitted by Fred Bross on

I would love to enter your sweepstakes, etc and often drink your wine.

But I will not do so on Facebook. The place is not safe for normal people.....

Submitted by Megan on

@Heather - Thank you so much for the kind words & for being a loyal fan!

@Fred - We have contests & sweepstakes that run on our website as well throughout the year. You can learn more about these in your local stores on our displays or by visiting our website. We don't have anything running at the moment, but check those spots or our blog for info. Thanks!

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