Wine 101: Vintage-Dated Wines

| Posted by Megan for Sutter Home

Vintage-dated means that at least 85% of the grapes were grown & harvested in that particular year. For example, if you have a bottle of 2009 Sutter Home Merlot that you just picked up at the store, then the Merlot grapes were grown & harvested in 2009. We believe that this is a quality cue for you wine-lovers out there!

Do you buy wine based on vintage? Does it matter to you?


Submitted by Megan on

Hi Nancy - Our White Zinfandel has 9.5% alcohol. The alcohol percentage is required by law to be on the front label of every bottle of wine. Next time you have a bottle, you'll see it, though it could be small & you may have to hunt for it! Cheers!

What percent of alcohol is in Sutter Home california 2009 white zinfadel?

Submitted by Alison on

I just found a bottle of 2008 SH Merlot in my pantry that I apparently forgot to drink. It's never been opened, so is it still good to drink?

Submitted by Megan on

Hi Alison - an '08 Merlot should still be fine to drink. Pop the cork, give it a good whiff and if it smells off to you, we'd say that it probably hasn't lasted the long haul. But because it's a red wine, it should still be good! Let us know...

Submitted by Megan on

Hi Marc - The alcohol percentage is listed on the bottom right corner of the white part of the label. It's pretty small, in grey.

Submitted by Marc Guffey on

I have a bottle here of sutter home chardonnay and it does not list alcohol content anywhere on the bottle or labels

Submitted by Leisa on

I just found a bottle of White Zinfandel from 1988. Is it still good to drink?

Submitted by Heather on

Hello Leisa, the shelf life on our White Zinfandel is only about a year. We would not advise drinking a 1988 bottle of White Zinfandel. 

Submitted by Kay on

I have a bottle of Sutter Home White Merlot. Is it still still good to drink? It has not been opened and it has been in a dark pantry. Thank you.

Submitted by Robert on

Was clearing out the fridge and finally made it to my wine/beer horde! To my surprise I found a 187ml bottle of 2004 Merlot with the screwcap still sealed. I believe it has been refrigerated since purchase. Any thoughts on this wine?

Submitted by Heather on

Hi Kay and Robert, our wines are best if consumed within one year of purchase. Although your bottle of wine will not harm you, it probably will not taste very good. We hope this helps!

Submitted by Deeyan on

I have a bottle of 1998 Chardonnay and would like to know if I can still drink it.

Submitted by Marlene on

I just discovered a 1996 Sutter Home Moscato, which has been kept in cool-ish, dark storage.

I know it is probably past its prime, but might it not make a very tasty sweet dessert wine?

Thank you.

Submitted by Heather on

Hi Deeyan and Marlene, thank you for asking! The majority of White and Rosé wines are meant to be enjoyed at the time of purchase (or at least within 3 to 6 months, if stored properly in a cool dark place). We hope this helps.

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