Wine 101: Vintage-Dated Wines

| Posted by Megan for Sutter Home

Vintage-dated means that at least 85% of the grapes were grown & harvested in that particular year. For example, if you have a bottle of 2009 Sutter Home Merlot that you just picked up at the store, then the Merlot grapes were grown & harvested in 2009. We believe that this is a quality cue for you wine-lovers out there!

Do you buy wine based on vintage? Does it matter to you?


Submitted by Megan on

Hi Nancy - Our White Zinfandel has 9.5% alcohol. The alcohol percentage is required by law to be on the front label of every bottle of wine. Next time you have a bottle, you'll see it, though it could be small & you may have to hunt for it! Cheers!

What percent of alcohol is in Sutter Home california 2009 white zinfadel?

Submitted by Alison on

I just found a bottle of 2008 SH Merlot in my pantry that I apparently forgot to drink. It's never been opened, so is it still good to drink?

Submitted by Megan on

Hi Alison - an '08 Merlot should still be fine to drink. Pop the cork, give it a good whiff and if it smells off to you, we'd say that it probably hasn't lasted the long haul. But because it's a red wine, it should still be good! Let us know...

Submitted by Megan on

Hi Marc - The alcohol percentage is listed on the bottom right corner of the white part of the label. It's pretty small, in grey.

Submitted by Marc Guffey on

I have a bottle here of sutter home chardonnay and it does not list alcohol content anywhere on the bottle or labels

Submitted by Leisa on

I just found a bottle of White Zinfandel from 1988. Is it still good to drink?

Submitted by Heather on

Hello Leisa, the shelf life on our White Zinfandel is only about a year. We would not advise drinking a 1988 bottle of White Zinfandel. 

Submitted by Jack on

How much do you think a bottle of 1988 White Zinfandel is worth?

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