What to Do with All Those Corks

| Posted by Megan for Sutter Home

You like wine. You are of the viewpoint that wine should be enjoyed at every occasion, even if that occasion is Taco Tuesdays. Now, what to do with all those corks!

We've scoured the internet to find some cool ideas on what you can do with all of those corks. We found wreaths, clocks, floors, walls, bath mats, wedding name tags and much, much more. Here are some links to help spur your creativity!

If you are feelin' crafty and try any of these, send us the photo or post it to our Facebook wall! We'd love to see your creations.


Submitted by Scott Morrison on

I'm shocked that as a sponsor of professional cycling team Jamis-Sutter Home you missed the use of corks as bar end plugs! They are greener than plastic, and class up the bicycle

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