Who do you love? Cork or Screw Cap?

| Posted by Megan for Sutter Home

Though it may seem like the wine industry has progressed quickly in the packaging area, there is still a fundamental debate on closures: cork or screw cap? Some may feel like they've lost some "romance" when they choose a bottle with a screw cap closure instead of a cork. Some may feel like the cork is a hindrance and have no problem with screw caps. They both have their pros and cons...we want to know what YOU think! Cork or screw cap? A bit about screw caps (since we know you know all about cork!) Just in case you're wary about trying wines with screw caps, here are some facts about screw cap closures that may interest you... Myth: Only less expensive, drink-me-now wines are enclosed by screw caps. Fact: There are well over 700 wines with screw caps, ranging from $4 retail to upwards of $85. Myth: Wines with screw cap closures do not age. Fact: They do age, just differently, remaining fresher longer but still displaying the complexity and depth that ageing brings. Myth: Screw caps are too new to really understand how they affect wine. Fact: The first screw cap was made in France in the late 1950s. Now that you know a little more about screw cap closures - which do you prefer? The pop of the cork or the twist of the cap?


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I am fine with screw top bottles. I mistakenly used a cork screw on screw top a couple of months ago. A little duct tape and it was as good as new, almost.

I finally am able to open a bottle with a cork on my own. Practice makes perfect. My $3.79 "stand by" wine from the drugstore has a cork.

Submitted by Frank on

Cork is the only way to go for real wines. The taste is better, they age better, and the screwtop just denotes "cheapness".

Submitted by Cassandra on

When I first started drinking wine, it was out of a screw top bottle. However along the way I found that the wines with real corks just seemed to taste better. A little more mature I would say. Among other things I find I like the experience of uncorking a bottle. The build up of chilling and then uncorking, the little poof sound it makes. I dont mind getting the cork back in the bottle if we dont finish it, and to be honest I like the natural-ness of the cork and the fact that it can be reused for so many things. Just google cork uses or reusing corks. Try it in many different ways and you will see there is everything from recorking your wine bottle to making bathroom rugs. Plus it even helps the trees that they come off of. Cork in my wine bottles anytime.

Submitted by Chris Hollyfield on

I want the screw top back - that's one of the reasons I started drinking Sutter Home - I can open a screw top but must have someone else open my wine if it has a cork.

Submitted by Alexandre Raposo on

"well over 700 wines with screw-caps, ranging from $4 to $85"?
that's not exactly au pair with proper cork, is it?

screw-caps are preferred because they make bottling cheaper than with cork. that's all.

as for me, i find it amazing that in times when everyone is so obsessed about coming up with environment-friendly alternatives to energy consuming, non-degradable products, there are actually campaigns promoting screw-caps over natural cork...


Submitted by Lisa on

CORK!! Screw caps are low class, no matter how much the wine costs.

Submitted by Megan on

Thank you all for the feedback! No sales pitch from us, we just wanted to know what you thought. We included some info on screw caps because there are two defined camps on the closure debate and we just wanted to share some information on the lesser known of the two. We love all the opinions - keep 'em coming.

Submitted by Judy G. on

Cork. It's a tradition!

Submitted by Sarah on

CORK- I often buy Sutter Home because I know I am getting REAL CORK
Not a fan of the rubbery faux cork things either!!!!
HATE a screw cap - and sometimes with the foil seals you cant tell, I think the industry should HAVE to label their product as Real Cork or something (inferior!) else!!!!

Submitted by Jessie on

I strongly prefer cork. It makes the wine taste better, and the environmental benefits are immeasurably greater than the wastefulness of nonrecyclable, non-biodegradeable screw caps.

Submitted by Doug Forne on


Submitted by Claire on

I SO prefer the cork...the smell of it, the process of popping it, and not one of those plastic-ky spongy fake corks, I want that slightly crumbly, oops there's a piece in my bottle, real cork. That's half the experience of wine for me...if you want to make beer...well, then you can make a screwtop!

I prefer the cork!!!! Why change what has worked for thousands of years?! Don't mess with my wine bottles ~

Submitted by shari on

Definitely cork

Submitted by Carlos Correia de Sá on

I prefer cork.

Submitted by Marie Cooper on

I don't buy wine that is not corked with natural cork - regardless of price or "quality". One of the reasons is that cork is a natural, renewable resource.

Synthetic corks are a blight on the planet.

Metal tops are not recycled.

So I don't care if the wine tastes just a good - I care about the planet. I have had screw top wine served at friends' house and I was not impressed. Go to Burgundy (France) or the Midi and taste the best - that is wine, real wine.

Submitted by Ernst Kunze on

I just can repeat: REAL WINE - REAL CORK

Opening a bottle with screw cap sounds like a car-crash!:)

Submitted by Mary Ann on

I feel the same as Vicki Cole!! I love the sound of the cork being removed from the bottle! It just doesn't seem right with the screw cap, it just loses something that can't be described!!

Submitted by Patricia C. on

I've never had a screwcap wine I liked--and now that the fact sheet here tells me they stay "fresher" longer, I know why. I stay away from them. And like the other posts, I love the ritual of cork popping and smelling the cork to get a "pre-taste" (avant-goût) of what I am about to drink.

Submitted by Mark G. on

Real wine - Real cork

Screw caps are just plain screwy

Submitted by N King on

Uncorking a bottle of wine is part of a good night. Unscrewing is counter-productive.

Submitted by Brenda on

Cork please. I agree with all my fellow cork lovers above.

Submitted by Vicki Cole on

I'll take a good old-fashioned cork over a screw cap any day. I love the ceremony involved in opening a wine bottle with a cork, that little "poufff" sound when the bottle releases the cork, and the feel of the cork in my hand. It's just not the same with a screw cap.

I just hope no one figures out how to put a screw cap on champagne/sparkling wine!

Submitted by Lance Ignon on

If you'd like to read what wine drinkers are already saying about cork vs. screwcaps, go to http://www.facebook.com/100PercentCork.

There are 42,00 fans on this site and just about everyone of them prefers natural cork over screwcaps. They prefer cork for any number of reasons: from the tradition and romance of cork to its many environmental advantages to the way it makes wine taste.

Submitted by Lance Ignon on

That's 42,000 fans, not 42,00. Apologies for the typo.

Submitted by Barbara Carey on

I vote for real cork! It is sustainable, harvested from the bark of cork oaks, no pollution like plastic stoppers or metal screw caps. Helps farmers and the planet! The taste is better, the opening, the pop, the smell of the wine on cork...irreplaceable. I only buy corked bottles!

Submitted by raul marques on

cork, please.....

Submitted by Amber on

I will stand alone here. I do not drink frequently, but when I do I normally go for wine. I have found over years of experimentation, I do NOT like corks (natural or synthetic) I love the easy to reseal method. Not only that, I have found that I do not like the taste natural cork gives my wine once it has been opened.

Submitted by Sarah on

Oooops, and I forgot to mention the GREEN advantage of real cork!!!!

Submitted by KLWall on

Love several of the comments & have to agree -- Real wine. Real Cork! PLUS the ritual, etc. Some of us have cats & corks can make the most inexpensive toy around!
Also agree about no plastic-y corks. They're harder than he$% to get out -- or to get a corkscrew to start!
Husband didn't realize I'd gotten a screw cap (just to try it) & put the corkscrew through the twist cap! Good thing we polished off the bottle (reclosing would have been difficult).
I've got cork on my floors, too -- just not enough of it!

Submitted by Dana Head on

I prefer real genuine cork.

Submitted by Scott Baker on

Every-time I see a myth VS fact debate, I see a sales pitch. Screw caps might have a cost saving advantage, but they just don't have the appeal of a properly corked bottle of wine! No matter how much you hype the benefits of a screw cap, it will never have the style of presentation that un-corking a bottle of wine entails. That's part of the experience that gets lost with a screw cap! Screw caps are best left for soft drinks!

Submitted by Felecia on

Ditto: Scott Baker. Very Well stated and I agree.....................................
"Every-time I see a myth VS fact debate, I see a sales pitch. Screw caps might have a cost saving advantage, but they just don't have the appeal of a properly corked bottle of wine! No matter how much you hype the benefits of a screw cap, it will never have the style of presentation that un-corking a bottle of wine entails. That's part of the experience that gets lost with a screw cap! Screw caps are best left for soft drinks!"

Submitted by Paul-André Gravelle on

I just hate screw top bottles. I refuse to buy them. Venceremos. No pasaran.

Submitted by Charles on


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