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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and this year, we’re asking for your help. Since 2001, when we launched our Sutter Home for Hope program, we have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for breast cancer research, treatment and education. And now, we’re doing more to raise awareness of this horrible and tragic disease.

Breast cancer awareness has always been an important issue, but the reality of breast cancer really hit home when one of our owners, Vera Trinchero-Torres, was diagnosed with breast cancer. Since then, we’ve come together to help find a cure for breast cancer once and for all.

So, how can YOU help? It’s simple – do you own a Facebook account? Perhaps a Twitter account? All you have to do is follow the instructions here (http://twibboncom/sutterhomeforhope) and add the Sutter Home capsule overlay to your avatar or profile picture, and we will donate $1 to breast cancer research.

Think about it, if we ALL took just a small amount of time from our day to help raise breast cancer awareness by adding this overlay, we could make a huge contribution. A small gesture really does go a long way.

Also, for you wine lovers, send in the capsule of ANY of your Sutter Home wines and we will donate $1 to City of Hope. Visit to find out more.

How will you show your support for breast cancer awareness this month?


Hi Ellie. We are very sorry for any inconvenience or misunderstanding there might have been regarding our Night of Hope program. This disease really hit home when one of our owners, Vera Trinchero, was diagnosed with breast cancer. With this program, we hoped to bring awareness to the disease and inspire people across the country to come together and host their own, unique Night of Hope. And with over 45,000 kit requests, we are happy to see that this breast cancer awareness will last much longer than a single night. Although we could only offer kits while supplies lasted, we made the decision to pull together additional supplies to send a kit to everyone who requested one. We did send out an e-mail a few weeks ago detailing the contents of your kit, which may have immediately been sent to your junk and/or spam folder depending on your e-mail system. We hope that you will find that this kit to help you raise breast cancer awareness and show your support for finding a cure. Please feel free to e-mail us at to discuss your Night of Hope kit shipment further.

Submitted by Ellie Russell on

Yesterday, I received what I thought would be my Sutter Home Tote bag and my coupon for a free bottle of your wonderful wine. Wow, was I surprised, a pink Sutter Home Breast Cancer braclet, a button pin, paper bottle neck rings 2 recipe cards and a $1 off coupon. That's what was in my envelope. I felt cheated. I'm a 9 yr Breast Cancer survivor, and I thought how wonderful an offer you were giving.

I'll be returning my "free gift" to you. It's not what you promised in you Facebook ad. I'll also be telling others about my experience with your "free offer". Also, Sutter Home Wines will not be part of our Holidays in our home again.

Ellie Russell

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