Here's Your 2010 Burger Champion!

| Posted by juliana for Sutter Home

We caught up with Jaeger Stoltz during all of the excitement after winning the grand prize of $100,000!

Check it out:


Submitted by Natalie Abacherli on


Congratulations Jeager Stoltz for winning! This video just made me think of another video I stumbled upon on how to make "The Ultimate Burger."The link is (You can embed the video by clicking on "menu, embed, and copy/pasting the link into your website's HTML code). The guy in this video uses a Weber grill too! Who knows... one of us could be the next winner of this grand prize.

Let me know what you think!


Submitted by linda b on

jaeger! that was awesome. way to go!

Submitted by Bridget on

Wow! Amazing. Said you'd do it and you did. Congrats!

Submitted by Karen on

Way to go Jaeger...See you in the desert!

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