Here’s Mark Grilling Away!

| Posted by juliana for Sutter Home

Can you taste the delicious-ness of Mark Pyne’s “Cranberry Ultimate Pork Burgers with Garlic Cherry Mayonnaise, Smoked Ham, Bacon, and Gruyere Cheese”?

I really have no idea how the judges are going to pick just one of these burgers, but I guess we’ll find out soon, huh?

Here’s Mark giving us a little insider tip into making a delicious Pork burger:


Share with us: What’s your favorite pork burger topping? (Mark may have ‘em all covered)


Submitted by Emily on

It is an excellent burger! Waiting to hear the winning word! Wish I was there to cheer you on!

Submitted by Vicki on

Go Marky boy you are the CHEF!!!! Can hardly wait to the those great burgers back in the Midwest at your next family reunion!

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