And the Grilling Begins!

| Posted by juliana for Sutter Home

Our alternative burger finalists have begun to fire up their grills and they're off!

Now, since I am here in all of the action the least I could do is make sure you guys are updated on everything in real-time, so make sure you’re following it all on

All of my blog updates, tweets (@BetterBurger and @Sutter Home), Facebook posts & YouTube videos will be in one place for you guys.

While you’re waiting, feel free to share any comments you may have in the comment field below or on our Facebook page: Who do you think will win the $100,000 grand prize this year?


Submitted by james on

Who won?

Submitted by Jamie on

I believe that Jeanette Nelson is going to win hands down! She is an awesome cook and I don't think anyone can beat her!

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