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Now, I know you’ve all been waiting to hear about the final (not to mention fantastically talented) top 10… I mean, c’mon, you’ve probably been waiting for MONTHS to hear this little announcement. So, without further ado… I (very excitedly) present your top 10 finalists:

Best Beef Burger Finalists
1.Christina Capone from Seattle, WA
2.Kathi Jones-DelMonte from Rochester, NY
3.Peter J. Jim from New York, NY
4.Jeanette Nelson from Coal City, WV
5.Jaeger Stoltz from Seattle, WA

Best Alternative Burger Finalists
1.Deborah L. Biggs from Omaha, NE
2.Barbara Estabrook from Rhinelander, WI
3.Regina Haase from Wallington, NJ
4.Mark Pyne from Kent, WA
5.Teresa Ralston from New Albany, OH

And, if you want to grill up one of their deeee-licious recipes in the future, click here for all of the information on how to make some of the biggest, best, and most delicious gourmet burgers ever seen.

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All the fun details of the event led me up to here! The cook -off is sure one great way to celebrate and come together. Cheers to the event!

Bengali Blaze Burgers, hmmm. Not really into Indian food, but when I have some time, I'm going to try this recipe. Good luck Christina! And, congrats to all of the finalists! Have fun.
FTG, Boston MA

Submitted by Linda Riederer on

Thank you Dan and Tom. Who said anything about hating any of the recipes? Competition and creativity go hand in hand and I'm all for it. I just don't want to take a half hour to read a recipe, search for exotic ingredients that I will never use again that are not readily available, even in a gourmet store or use my whole kitchen and all my dishes to set up to make a "burger". I'm sure of the many recipes that were submitted there was not a one that just included "salt and pepper".

Submitted by Lynn on

Congratulations Christina- that's amazing. Good luck!

Submitted by Tom on

I have to agree with the posts that say these recipes are too complicated. They aren't practical and they make cooking something it should never be: A game of who can use the most ingrediants to make something simple difficult and unenjoyable.

Submitted by Daljeet Singh on

I am thrilled to see the names of the 2010 finalist. Kathy Jones was next me in 2006 BBB challenge.

I live in south Florida, would love to join the party in Miami Beach.

What will it take to get invited?

Submitted by tim hudson on

Congrats capone! ur lasagna is my favorite but your new bengali burger was the bomb. Good luck!"

Submitted by Daljeet Singh on

Kathi, you did it again! As a co-finalist of 2006 BBB, I wish all the best to win the grand prize of $100K!!!

Submitted by Sharon on

Congratulations! To all of the winners. All of your recipes sound delicious. Good luck in Miami and have fun.

Submitted by Linda Riederer on

I have to admit I am more than a little surprised at the complexity of the 2010 winning recipes. I submitted a recipe based on ingredients and procedures of winners from previous years. I tried to keep my unsuccessful recipe simple but interesting with certain unique ingredients. I would try previous winning recipes but certainly not any of the 2010 winners. Too much work, too many ingredients for a summer burger or any other time of year.

I wish I could have been in Miami. Both of my children live in the Ft. Lauderdale area. Have fun Everyone.

Submitted by Hope on

How unfair it is for you too have 3 winners from WA, 2 from NY. I truly believe there had to have been other people from other states with great recipes, even though I donot win were you truly fair with your judging? I pray to God their was not faviortism.

Be Blessed

Submitted by Hope on

I am in such a shock my spelling was off. I am sure im not the only person who feels this way.

Submitted by Jenny on

Go Christina! This burger is the best meal I've had at our foodie get-togethers this summer. The taste is beyond words! Good luck in Miami!!!

Submitted by Pauline on

Christina super proud of you!!! And by the way if you haven't tried Christina Capone Famous Buger YOU ARE MISSING OUT!!!!!! :) Good Luck in Miami!!!!

Submitted by Daljeet Singh on

I am thrilled to see names of the 2010 finalist. Kathy Jones was next me in 2006 BBB challenge.

I live in south Florida, would love to join the party on Miami Beach.

What will take to get invited?

Submitted by Dan on

I agree with Linda, these burgers are all way too complex. Food tastes much better when you can actually taste each ingredient used. These all look like jumbles. What a joke!

Submitted by Jeff Goldman on

Wow, check out all the haters. Linda and Dan, get a grip and take a closer look at the recipes. Yes, they may have some steps involved but it’s a BURGER COMPETITION! Salt and pepper, while great on a burger, wouldn’t make for a very interesting cook-off. They said they looked for creativity. If you know anything about recipe development, you would see that the flavors in the recipe do play off each other. Indian, Chinese, and Venezuelan influences sound pretty impressive to me.

Good luck to all the talented finalists and I’d love a ticket to the event, as I live in Miami!

Submitted by Jeff Goldman on

Check out all the haters here! I totally get the appreciation for simple food but this is a BURGER COMPETITION! They asked for creativity and innovation, not simply salt and pepper. If you actually look at the recipes, yes they are complex, but they are not very difficult to execute.

I live in Miami, I'd love a ticket! Good luck to all the finalists; Indian and Venezuelan burgers sound great to me!

Submitted by Jeanne on

I must admit my disappointment that my friend's entry into this contest was not selected as one of the top 10. It is delicious as well as very creative. The Classic Burger Italiano is scrumptious!!!!

Submitted by Dan on

I wouldn't say I'm a hater, just don't get how some of these burgers were chosen, except that most of them use Sutter Homes wine in their recipes. I have experience as a chef and I find these way too complicated for the typical home cook to re-create. Believe me, I'm all for creativity and some of these recipes were pretty creative. However, some weren't and some were complete messes. Next year I'm using Sutter Homes wine in my submittals.

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