Finalist Selection Process - Details Inside!

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We know you’re all on the edge of your seat today, so we thought we’d give you the scoop on the finalist selection process for Sutter Home’s Build a Better Burger 2010.

Today 10 lucky Potential Finalists will hear from our team here in Napa Valley BUT they can’t say a peep about being selected…yet. After the notification, the Potential Finalists start a review process. Once they clear the review, the Potential Finalists officially become the Finalists that will join us down in Miami Beach! We will announce their names on And of course, we will alert all of our Facebook fans to the check the website the moment the names have been released.

We can’t wait to tell you who the finalists are so sit tight for a little while longer and we’ll keep you updated! Check the contest rules for all of the details.


Submitted by Courtney on

Well, this was my 1st year, I saw a broadcast of 2008's contest on Food network and said, "I'm going for it!" Well, I went & i'm not sure what happened. I tried these recipes over and over, But better luck next time. BBB I'm coming for you next year! Everyone be on the lookout! Conrats to all the finalists and I can't wait to see the different recipes.

Submitted by Michelle on

I am actually in complete shock that I have not heard anything about my Turkey Burger recipe. There was not one person I served it to that didn't RAVE about it being the best thing they've ever eaten. I'm really curious to see what recipes they actually picked....

Submitted by Carla on

I really thought my recipe was a winner, especially after serving my burgers to family, friends & the fire department. They loved them.

I'm pretty sure im not a finalist at this point.This was however a good starting point, and my family insists I could open a restaurant on my burger submission alone! Onward Ho.!!!!!! In the words of an action- hero actor turned govenor-I'LL BE BACK!

Submitted by Toni on

Have all of the finalist been notified?? I'm hoping not and maybe the Sutter cell tower is not working with my cell tower!! :) Oh well better luch for me next year! I had so much fun creating new burgers and updating some old family favorites! I do not really know how many recipes I submitted, but it was close to 10 I'm sure! My family and friends do not want another burger anytime soon! :)
But.. Good luck to ALL of the finalist!
I'm going to practice all year long so I can be there next year!

Submitted by debbie ferron on

im not giving up ill keep trying until i do its my dream to open a deli with the winnings im not giving up.

Submitted by debbie ferron on

i love making new burger recipes

Submitted by Evie on

Well, I keep trying. I think I submitted 12 different burgers, but my phone did not ring either. My husband has to eat at least 2 burgers a week for me to use all the burgers I prepared, not to mention, the rest of my family. Happy Burger Days. Congrats to the winners, can't wait to see what burgers were chosen. Will try again next year.

Submitted by Robin Walker on

Well, I tried, maybe next year, or the next...Good Luck to the 10 finalists. My husband still says it's the best burger he ever ate, so that's what counts too.

Submitted by Sharon on

WOW! It is finally here.This contest has just been so much fun and so exciteing.We know we all can't be one of the ten finalist,but we all gave it our best.I am happy to be a part of Sutter Homes 20th Anniversary in this small way.
Good luck everyone hope you are one of the finalist.

Submitted by Susan Cook on

Hoping to hear about the finalists for the Grill-off...Thanks
Sue Cook

Submitted by Susan Cook on

Just hoping I hear soon about the finalists - it would be lovely to hear if I am one of them...but in any case - just knowing one way or the other will be good. Sue Cook

Submitted by Pam Foley on

I am on pins and needles. Again, I have never entered anything before. Stay postive, stay positive.

Submitted by Theresa Busby on

And the winner is..... Come on guys....we are waiting in anticipation!!!!

Submitted by Ruth Velez on

Congratulations to the ten finalists. Can't wait to see their recipes. I'm already thinking and planning for next year!

Submitted by JoAnne Booth on

It's been alot of fun. Congrats to those who did. Very happy for you, can't wait to see what your burger is. Thank you Sutter Home for giving us an opportunity for fun in a bit of a different way. Cheers!

Submitted by Vicki on

Just wonder how they call...registered mail...I am at a family reunion....could they have tried calling me?No bars all the time.Will keep trying if not family may make me wait for a while to experiment on them again.....Good luck to everyone!

Submitted by Arthur DeLaurentis on

Looking to see the ten finalists who will become the best of the best! This was my first recipe and contest so I am not sure if I will be chosen. Regardless, my family still thinks I am the greatest! Good luck to all who entered.

Submitted by Pam Foley on

Another day has passed, getting closer. I would love to help celebrate Sutter Homes 20th Anniversary in a big way.
Miami will be wonderful!

Submitted by Cynthia on

It's Sunday early afternoon in NJ, no call no email. *sigh* really thought I had it... But I am excited to prepare for next years competition. Congratulations on the finalist, can't wait to taste your burgers! :)

Submitted by Damian on

Yeah, I thought for sure I would make it in this year. Unfortunately another let down. I have been working so hard on my recipes,tweaking, getting critiques. I don't know, I am just hoping next year is my year!!! Such a blessing for my family it would be!! Keep on grillin'!!!!

Submitted by Shelly on

This was my first contest and I was really excited and thought I had a great burger, but maybe not great enough. I am excited to see and taste the burgers that were submitted. I will keep trying.

Submitted by charles hartley on

i found out about the contest 3 days before the final day,so i never even had a chance to make my burger before i even sent it.i just went to the store and prayed before i even went in and hoped that it was the best i'd ever tasted.also i had to mail mine in so fed ex helped me get it there before the deadline.however when i did try it and passed it out to my friends they all thought it was the best burger they had tasted,alot of them even said they would pay for it.

Submitted by Pam Foley on

Well, I've been let down also. Good luck to the Chosen Few.
Everyone that tasted my burgers could not put them down.
They finished them until they were gone!

Submitted by Stevie on

So maybe one or two finalists will be disqualified and maybe I was the first alternate and maybe... No really, good luck to all and as Arnold would say, "I'll be back." This was really fun to create a different burger and my family and friends love it. Next year I'll tweak this one and maybe think of another.

Submitted by Teresa Alexandar on

Will the chosen "Burger Bunch" final contestants be on a Food Network TV show? I've been reading things that suggest the final "shoot out" will be broadcast. That would be soooo exciting!
And by the way... If there are any DQ's my phone is always on... hint, hint... :o} Now wouldn't my smile look good on TV?

Submitted by vmfoundry on

Susan -

You may want to try submitting your comments again. Sometimes the internet isn't perfectly reliable. :)

Today is the day and I hope will mine. I''ll share my happiness with the rest.

Submitted by susan on

clearly this whole thing is rigged, my comments haven't even been posted.
Oh well, this one probably won't be either, lol @ sutterhom...

Submitted by Rob on

Here it is, the 26th. My family isn't good about giving my messages to me. Do you suppose........? :)

Today is the day and I hope will be mine. I'll share my happiness with the rest.

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