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Yes, you heard me correctly, we’re going to Miami, wine and burger lovers! We are taking the biggest and most delicious burger competition ever and bringing it to paradise.

And what better time to switch things up than for our 20th anniversary? Twenty years of burger-lovin’ fun – now that’s a LOT of grilling...grilling that is very near and dear to my little heart (and stomach – yum)! And of course, because we’re so darn excited about all of the burger madness that will be going on in September, we decided to make it just a little bit bigger and little bit better this year.

Now that you’re in on our little secret, the only thing left for you to do is wait for the announcement that YOUR burger was the BEST burger (or at least in the top 10, right?). And while you’re waitin’…why not keep on telling us about all of your burger secrets?

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Now, before I head out, answer me this:

What are you gonna be bringin’ to Miami with you this year? (besides your grilling hands)

Cheers, wine and burger lovers!

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Submitted by Carolina Henriquez on

That lucky spatula has been getting more attention than me lately!

Submitted by Peter Kim on

Haha, Carolina, mi amor, but I know you love what has come off of that spatula. I promise that on August 20, if my burger is not selected, we'll take a burger break! But if it is, brace yourself...

@Max: You have a lucky spatula too? We'll have to compare our secret weapons!

Submitted by Scott Swenson on

I will bring My wife and a camera to remember the people I get to know. Good Luck and see ya in Miami!!

Submitted by Eric L Davison on

I would bring my fishing poles. Sun glasses would be good under the sun to. I would bring my brother along as well. Might even bring some of my homemade pickles and jalapeno jelly.

Submitted by Tamara Furda on

I would bring my husband who supports me in everything I do and the biggest smile you've ever seen 'cause I won't be able to stop smiling if my recipe gets chosen!!!

Submitted by Cynthia on

Of course my dear boyfriend is coming along. He was my # 1 taster! I don't think I will be using my swim suit since I have been indulging way to much on burgers this past month hehehe! But summer dresses are a must, sunscreen and my camera. Can't wait to meet everyone that made it to the finals, well that is if I am one of them as well! ;)

Submitted by amy on

If i were to be picked as a finalist, i would bring my beautiful children, my husband, my favorite skirt and lots of luck!

Submitted by David Stubler on

I'll bring my Tuxedo!

Submitted by Deb Geist on

Whoo Hoo! Can travel light....swimsuit, shades, cold drink coozie and recipe! Hope to see ya'll in Sunny Florida! Good Luck to all!

Submitted by Max Rosen on

Well, if i'm selected as a finalist, first, i'm bringing my wife! Then i'm bringing my daughter's good luck spatula. after that, it really doesn't matter!!...just hoping i get chosen! Was really looking forward to going to napa valley, but i'd go just about anywhere if it meant being a finalist. Hope my inspiration of turning a classic turduckhen into a burger is a winner in the eyes of the judges!! And good luck to all the others who entered!

Submitted by Susan Bickta on

Let's see.........should I be one of the finalists? I'd bring my Husband, who is also my "guinea pig"...I'm always making him try new recipes and some sunscreen! Can't wait to see all of the delicious recipes that made the grade this year! Congrats to all of the winners......Miami will be awesome! The cook-off is about 1 month before my 60th birthday.......what better way to celebrate???

Submitted by Sharon on

I will be bringing with me to Miami lots of good luck, many blessings and loads of confidence from my family and friends. A bottle of Chardonnay wine and last but not least big hugs for everyone who entered this awesome contest.

Submitted by Peter Kim on

I would bring three things: (1) my girlfriend, the beautiful muse who inspired my burger, (2) my trusty lucky spatula, which I have used to flip burgers for almost a decade, and (3) my spanish guitar, so I can relax, eat burgers, sip wine, and play guitar with the other participants on the beach!

Submitted by Cindy Syring on

I can't wait to see who the judges will be for this special event. I am hopeing and praying I get to cook my burger for them!!!!! I would bring my wonderful husband who has done so many taste test for me. If I get there we could enjoy a great meal and wine together under a beautiful Miami sunset.

Submitted by Dawn Moore on

I'll be bringing my sweet hubby to cheer me on, some flip flops, a few sundresses and a swimsuit...what else would I need :-)

Submitted by Lynda Philips on

Well, if my burger gets picked, I will be bringing my husband and my swimming suit, and we can celebrate our wedding anniversary.

Submitted by Pam Foley on

I stayed at my Grandmother's alot growing up and enjoyed many tasty Italian meals. One of those that brings back memories was her peppers and eggs. She would fry those peppers until the room filled with their sweet, spicy and hot aroma. Then, when the peppers were nice and soft and tipped with browned edges she would add beaten eggs to the peppers. We would slice Italian bread put a little olive oil on it and add the peppers and eggs. So good.....
So, I thought it would make a great addition to my burger. The combination seems a little strange, but the taste is out of this world. Hope Grandma brings me good luck!

Submitted by Pam Foley on

What will I bring to Miami - Grandma's Good Luck!

Submitted by Melissa Shockey... on

Several pairs of stretchable pants , A notebook & pen, a digital camera. There are so many awesome places to eat that I'm going to need the extra room! The notebook & pen are for writing down more burger recipe inspirations, the camera for capturing the memories

Submitted by Sherry Wells on

If I'm lucky enough to be one of the finalist, I'll bring a hugh smile and a big "HOWDY" from Aggieland, TX.

Submitted by Cynthia on

WOW that's great! I suppose it would be nice to go to Miami. However, if I am one of the winners I would preferred to go to Napa Valley and visit that beautiful wine paradise. But I will take Miami in a heart beat! ;)

So, even if I was born in the States, I carry deeply my Creole/Caribbean heritage. My parents are from the Dominican Republic and one my of favorite people that lived on this earth was Cuban. I was raised eating the best of the best "Comida Criolla" Creole Food.

One of my recipes is called Cuban Fusion Burger Blast, "Cuban Sandwich meet Burger" with a little black bean surprise I created a Fusion of delectable tastes.

I hope they like it, so see you in Miami. :)))

Submitted by Brett on

Sunscreen, my dancin' shoes, and camera to capture an amazing time that is certain to be had by all!

Submitted by Michelle Herren on

I'm bringing plenty of shorts, short-sleeved shirts, my comfy sandals - and plenty of spending money for local ingredients!

If I get picked that is! I hope, I hope, I hope!

Submitted by Patty Colon on

Wow! I can't believe the competition is going to be held in Miami this year. You are really going all out for the 20th anniversary! I can't wait to see the list of who is competing this year and their recipes.

Submitted by Susan Bickta on

I forgot to mention one item that I'd bring with me should I be a finalist.......I'd bring my antique hand-crank meat grinder.....can't beat the texture of ground meat that you get from one of those grinders. Of course, it weighs a TON! Just have to hope I can get thru airport security with it!

Submitted by Joy on

Miami??! In the middle of hurricane season? Good luck with that! As a north FL girl, I would so prefer Napa.

Submitted by Robert on

I really wanted to get into the top ten so that I could get a trip to California. I think I will have to bring the nice car since it is really right down the street from me. My odds of getting in just went up 1000%. I am not sure they realize that it is 90 degrees in Miami with 95% humidity in September. I built a grill in my house so that I did not have to grill outside in the summer!

Submitted by Theresa Busby on


Submitted by Theresa Busby on

Sorry about the caps!:-)

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