We’ve got a Juicy Secret!

| Posted by juliana for Sutter Home

I know you’re all on the edge of your seats—wondering what this big secret could be…and trust me, it’s HUGE and really exciting! But since we enjoy all of the buzz that is going around and want the excitement to build for a little longer, you’re gonna have to wait for it! We know it’ll be worth it!

To find out what’s going on in the Sutter Home world, make sure you “like” Sutter Home Wines and Build a Better Burger on Facebook! You wouldn’t wanna miss out, would you? And don’t forget to follow @SutterHome and @BetterBurger on Twitter!

We’re gonna reveal our secret on August 17th on Facebook & Twitter, so make sure you stay updated! And in the meantime...I may give you a few hints and tips on what the surprise is (if you promise not to tell a soul).

And cross my heart, this secret is definitely worth the wait! And if you keep on checking out our Twitter and Facebook pages, you might be able to guess it before the big day!

Psst... Here’s a little hint for you: This year, we’re taking something you know and love (something that’s delicious and goes best with onions/pickles/cheese/etc.) to the next level! Can you guess what it is?


Submitted by JoAnne Booth on

TO the Beach...obviously...and how many of those? If not the west coast, how about the east or west coast of the good ol' usa....Florida!

Submitted by Dahn on

@Peter: Unfortunately no. If you're burger is not chosen, you do not get notified. I believe they cover it in the FAQ section.

@All: they have already posted the the 'secret' on their Twitter page (see link above).

Submitted by Peter Kim on

Please, Build a Better Burger, give me my sanity back! This competition has taken over my life and my poor girlfriend has to deal with it.

Does anyone know if we get contacted if our burger is *not* selected?

Good luck to all the other contestants! I only wish I could try everyone's burger creation.

Submitted by Lisa Simpsom on

What a fun challenge to participate in. My husband was a wonderful taste tester for all the crazy combination's I kept coming up with. I had a few neighbors volunteering also to taste. I too am waiting with baited burger breath to know who the finalist are. Can't wait!!!!!Hope to see you in Cali!!!!

Submitted by Vonnetta on

For health reasons, we have revised our diet reducing fat and cholesterol, but have continued to enjoy tasty burgers. Frank Zaccone's Spicey Turkey Burger is a great option.

Submitted by Theresa Busby on

Today is the day...I am soooo excited!!

Submitted by Susan Bickta on

I am wracked with anticipation! This announcement will act as a "bridge" to the big reveal day on 8/20!!! Keeping everything crossed (including my fingers) that I possibly can............

Submitted by Dahn on

This hint is a different than the ones on Facebook...
I'd say with this hint...it's something to do with beef/burgers...The National Cattlemen's Beef Association IS a major sponsor of the event...hmm?...

Submitted by Cheryl Arnold on

Another sandwich category next year?

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