Firin’ up the grill for the 4th of July? Yum!

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Happy almost Fourth of July to all of our burger & wine lovers! We know that with the Fourth of July around the corner those Build A Better Burger ® creations are starting to really pull themselves together (Am I right?)
Okay, okay.. we know they may not be completely perfected, but don’t worry! Jeffery Starr’s burger tips are around to help you out! And here’s something that mother nature can help you out with, SUMMER..of course! With all of this summer grillin’ time, we’re getting’ geared up for those burger recipes! Yummmy. (Note to self: Stop thinking about all of the delicious burger making that’s going on or your head might explode!)

These fancy burger photos (sent by a fellow competitor) make us already want to sink our teeth in to the competition!

We know we’ve got to wait a few more months until the competition, but we’re already getting super excited! So get to grillin’ this weekend ‘cuz we are prepared for those juicy burgers! (Fourth of July Fireworks and burgers - can that even be topped?)

So let us in on all of your grilling secrets (pretty please with bacon and cheese on top!) It is almost the fourth of July, after all. Celebrate with us!

And if you don’t want to share EVERYTHING at least answer this one teensy question:

How did you come up with your gourmet burger creation? (I promise not to drool!)

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Submitted by marion on

christina capones burger sounds so yummy i cant wait to try out her burger...hope she wins

Submitted by Paige Weaver on

I am looking for your receipe for Red Bliss w/ Goat Cheese , Pineh=nuts, Sundried Tomatos & Kalamata Olives. It was in Cooking Light magazine, December, 2003.
Thank You

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