Video tips to help you Build a Better Burger and enter for your chance to win $100,000!

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Want to learn how to perfectly construct a deliciously mouthwatering burger that might score you $100,000? Or maybe you just want to host a party for all of your friends so they can “ooh” and “ahh” at your cooking skills?

Jeffrey Starr, Sutter Home’s Executive Chef, has all of the right advice to lead you on your path of deliciousness and perhaps, a chance to showcase your skills at the 20th annual Sutter Home Build a Better Burger Cook-off in Napa Valley! Check out our helpful videos to learn the best way to handle ground beef, what ingredients get the judge’s mouths watering and much more!

You can also watch past videos of our annual cook-off, where you’ll see firsthand the excitement and energy of the competition!

So what are you waiting for? Grab your spatula, fire up the computer and be prepared to be inspired!


Submitted by JUDI COFFMAN on


Submitted by mary dimino on

Burgers never tasted so good as now, thanks to your help.

Submitted by mary dimino on

I would love to win this sweepstakes!

Submitted by Traci McConnell on

Great tips - keep on grillin!!

Submitted by Ronald johannsen on

enter me in your sweepstakes

Submitted by Ronald johannsen on

where are you hiding the entry form for your contest?

Submitted by james on

Love your wines.

Submitted by vicki gonzalez on

wow! looks so goood!

Submitted by Roberta Heinrichs on

I searched your webpage and found nothing to help me enter the build a better burger contest. So how do i enter? Please let me know. Thank you.

Submitted by D Johnson on

Great ideas! I'll let my husband know since he does all the grilling.

I have a terrific Burger recipe, it has won a contests in my country Costa Rica, I call it "the double Agent Burger"... because there is "an infiltrated" in the patty:

50% - 50% ground beef and pork.
1 slide of white bread (cut round with a glass) then you soaked the bread on brawn gravy, then you add it in the middle of two thin patties making one thick patty with the "infiltrated moist agent" in the middle.

then you top it with caramelized onions and roasted bell peppers with more gravy as a dressing, use a mild cheese such as Swiss, so it doesn’t compete with the meaty flavor of the patty and the gravy. Let me know if I have to send the full recipe, you guys have the best Zinfandel.

Submitted by Carrol Cogburn on

The best info on best burgers!

Submitted by Carrol Cogburn on

They're great!

Submitted by Perri Houze on

Muscato is my favorite wine, but because of the sweetness I'm sure it has more calories than a less sweet wine. Is there any wine out there without the high sugar content that still tastes sweet?

Submitted by SHARON COVERT on


Submitted by sako berghoudian on

is that ok

Submitted by sako berghoudian on

like to check out the tapes.

I have found the perfect wine! Add a dash to marinade steaks in! Excellent to add merlot to gravy broth for an added delicious flavor!

Submitted by James Kerby on

where do you enter the contest

I want to cook the best burger ever

Submitted by Shirley Beauchamp on

Good helpfulvideo's,

Submitted by Shirley Beauchamp on

Good video's for handling meat and preparing and mixing and adding ingredients for burgers.

Submitted by Christin on

how do i sign up for this or do i have to make a movie on it before i enter or what thanks...

Submitted by samantha brooks on

What kind of beef is best for hamburgers?

Submitted by Karen Kay McVey on

Enter me!

Submitted by emily smith on

I enjoyed looking at the film. the burgers looks delicious.

Submitted by Sandy Redding on

Cook evenly and drain fat. Always add seasonings to flavor meat. Toss in some onions on top.

Submitted by Pete on

Please email me information about your Build A Better Burger contest.

Submitted by J. Bret Hopper on

We enjoy Sutter Home - goes great with lots of good food

Submitted by R.R. Besch on

Lightly toasted bun, grilled beef sauteed in Worstishire sauce, red onion, bacon, american cheese, blue cheese dressing, tomato and maonnaise.

Great tips on how to have a chicken burger

I love the things you put on the chicken burger.

Submitted by Suni Carleton on

Thank you very much for giving me this opportunity to enter your sweepstakes.

I really wish I can win the sweepstakes. The sweepstakes money will help me to live in the place I've always wanted. You can make my dream come true.

Submitted by vmfoundry on

Hi Roberta! If you go here to this link, you should be able to enter your recipe:

Hope that helps!

Submitted by angelo on

this would be a wonder for my beautiful children.

I enjoy GREAT Hamburger's, and a delightful glass of
of WINE- Especially .... White Zinfedel. I'd enjpy having a Delicious Hamburger recipe.

Submitted by Diana on

how do I enter to win $100,000?

Submitted by Michael Kemble on

Wanted to enter contest.

Submitted by Brian Kirton on

Show me the money!

Submitted by Lee Green on

I love Sutter Home Wine!

Submitted by Don Lepore on

Sutter Home Cabernet makes a good marinade for juicy hamburgeres or steaks.

Submitted by ANTHONY MILLER on


Submitted by Sandra Thompson on

There is a Sutter wine for every taste.

Submitted by Rebecca Ramsey on

Thanks for the helpful hints!!

Submitted by vmfoundry on

We are very happy that everyone seems to be so excited about this year's burger competition! Keep entering your recipes, we can't wait to try them out!

You can enter here:
Here are the guidelines:

Joanne - You can find the rules for the contest here:

Samantha - There are many different preferences for beef..some like 85/15 some like 85/'s really up to you! Watch this video for some ideas:

Perri- Our white zinfandel is very delicious and sweet and only has 108 calories:

Anna - Unfortunately for now, only US citizens are eligible. But keep grilling up those amazing burgers!

Hope this helps, everyone!

Keep on grilling!


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