Blogging at 2009 Build a Better Burger!

| Posted by juliana for Sutter Home

Sutter Home's 2009 Build a Better Burger is only 10 days away! As our finalists get geared up for the cook-off , I'm getting my fingers ready to blog during the event. On the big day, September 26, I will be blogging live while our finalists are cooking and as the judges taste each and every mouth-watering burger. I'll also post photos as it happens so you won't miss a minute of the contest! The blogging will take place right here at the Sutter Home Blog.

If you haven't already, make sure to check out the finalists' recipes! They all look so good and I'm incredibly excited to see which burger is picked as the winner!

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Submitted by Liz on

Will the contest be televised, and if so - when?

Submitted by juliana on

The winner of the 2009 Build a Better Burger will be on NBC's the Today Show on Monday, September 28. Tune into the Today show and you'll see the who won as well as his/her winning burger.

Submitted by Katie on

Excited! Build a Better Burger is my go-to for burger recipes. I don't trust anywhere else.

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