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Submitted by t-bird on

Wow, after reading Julie Hession's website, she appears to be quite the accomplished I don't feel so bad about losing against someone with such extensive culinary experience.....

Submitted by Frank King on

congrats to the finalists!

Submitted by Kag on

I was really impressed with a particular finalist's recipe, the lady from Las Vegas, because I live just outside of I googled her name to see if she has a personal website or business in Vegas...many recipe contest finalists do....and I found that she owns and operates an upscale bakery/catering service in Vegas called Julie Anne's are the websites....



I wonder if that's the same Julie Hession....if it is, she has some big credits by her name as a culinary making a birthday cake for actress Jenna Fischer....looks like she'll be a great spokesperson for Sutter Home after she

Congrats to the finalists, but I am confused--I thought the rules clearly stated that professional chefs/cooks or people who earn 75% or more of their income via culinary work are excluded from the competition? Maybe she only does this work part time, (if it is indeed her.)

Submitted by Kag on

After thinking about it, I am now wondering, too, if catering to a business or person with a liquor license breaks the rules, or if a contestant has to be an actual "employee" of said business.

Submitted by Bev on

Yes, this is the same Julie Hession from Las Vegas. There is a link from her web site to her personal blog "Peanut Butter and Julie", and it is the same photo of her. After reading about her, she has a Bachelors from UNLV in Hotel Management and Hospitality, and an MBA from Duke, so I'm sure she is well-versed in business law and can read and interpret the rules of this contest. While I love a good contest with tough competitors, this one goes way over the top for me. To call this contestant anything less than a food professional/chef would be an insult to her, but sadly I am sure that she has found some legal loop-hole in which she can "legally" compete in this competition. As for "morally" competing, that is another issue altogether in my opinion. I honestly feel sorry for the other finalists competing against her. She has already competed on the Food Network, and won, and she has won several other grand prizes in "amatuer" cooking competitions, so she has had plenty of pressure-cooking practice. I do hope that Sutter Home will re-word their rules for future contests to ensure that this contest stays a hearty contest for true amatuers. While Ms. Hession is a brilliant contestant in every aspect of the compliment, she is also a foods "professional" in every aspect of the definition. (And, no, she didn't go to culinary school, but neither did Rachel Ray!)

Submitted by Val on

Gee...I've never heard of a sour grapes burger, but it appears to be a popular burger this year.

Submitted by Sherry on

I'm amazing that all of the burger recipes have a large number ingredients (some quite expensive) and don't seem that they would be very easy to prepare. I wish they'd limit the ingredients on the burgers because I'd like to try making some of them but I get overwhelmed when I see such a long list of ingredients.

Submitted by Bella on

Can anyone provide me with venue info i.e. location address and time? TX

Submitted by Anissa on

I too am very impressed with all the recipes and wish all the finalists luck in this competition. With that said, I personally know Julie Hession, and I feel compelled to clear up some confusing posts on her behalf. She did own a bakery, but it was sold several years ago, and it is now closed. The other website that you reference is not even finished. Yes, she does have a blog that is witty and informative; I have made several of her recipes. Julie is not a professional Chef, she is a free-lance writer and she is also very talented in the kitchen. She found no "loop hole" in the competition. She entered like every other finalist and went through the same process, with the same scrutiny as did everyone else. A quick Google search will tell you that there are other finalists who have culinary backgrounds or have won Food Network competitions. Previous contestants have won the Pillsbury Bake off, were cookbook authors, culinary school graduates, and chefs. There is nothing wrong with past wins and food experience. It doesn't make you professional--just good. To attack one’s morality is just wrong and mean spirited. Before posting what you think are the “facts”, you should really make that they are all accurate.
Again, I wish all of the finalist nothing but luck, as they all have a vast array of culinary experience.

Submitted by Bev on

Anissa, I am humbled and stand corrected. Thank you for clearing up the matter for me. May my compliment of Ms. Hession speak louder than anything else in my previous blog...."...Ms. Hession is a brilliant contestant in every aspect of the compliment.".....Good luck to ALL...sincerely.

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